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Bentley Azure limited Edition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: TIBALDI CELEBRATES ICONIC OPEN AIR ELEGANCE OF BENTLEY MOTORS AZURE DROPHEAD COUPE WITH NEW ADDITION TO DISTINCTIVE BENTLEY PEN LINE Premiere Italian Pen Maker Introduces Illustrious New Azure Inspired Writing Instrument to Commemorate Bentley Motors’ Stunningly Styled Drophead Coupe ITALY (January 24th, 2009) – Few vehicles in the world are as incomparably celebrated or admired as are those crafted by Bentley Motors. To see the beloved winged ‘B’ spied driving by is an event in itself and now, with Bentley Motors most recent introduction of their latest exercise in open-air elegance: the Drophead Azure Coupe, Tibaldi will be introducing a bespoke limited edition of writing instrument to match its stunning beauty. New for 2009, Tibaldi continues to expand its strategic partnership with Bentley Motors by welcoming another addition to the Tibaldi for Bentley family of writing instruments with the Tibaldi for Bentley Azure series of fine pens. “Tibaldi is proud to collaborate once again with Bentley Motors to design a very special pen made to match the unrivaled elegance that only an open air vehicle of such indiscriminating quality as the Azure offers,” comments Giuseppe Aquila, Chief Executive Officer of Tibaldi S.p.A. “Our company feels the Tibaldi for Bentley Azure limited edition writing instruments are an extension not only of the spirit behind the highly exclusive Bentley Motors name, but the absolutely ingenious design of the automobile itself. The Tibaldi for Bentley Azure writing instruments truly adhere to the ethos of Bentley Motors to peerlessly design something that is celebrated by its users without compromise.” Working together with the skilled artisans of Tibaldi, details of the Tibaldi for Bentley Azure were conceived by two visionaries in Bentley design: Robin Page, Head of Design and interior designer Jonathan Punter. Together, both Bentley designers were able to put forth an exquisite vision echoing the beauty and balance of the Azure Drophead Coupe. Echoing the sumptuous attention to detail present in bespoke Mulliner edition interiors, the Tibaldi for Bentley Azure boasts a rich swathe of soft hand-massaged luxurious leather gracefully enveloping the pen barrel. Available in a wide array of stately colors, the leather sleeve is also hand stitched in the same careful manner cross pattern as the Azure Drophead Coupe’s interior with material received from Bentley’s own interior department. Other tactile elements from the Azure were also incorporated into the Tibaldi for Bentley Azure pen as well, including Bentley’s trademark knurling on the clip ring, section ring, and barrel end. The pen itself is also in perfect concert with the design of the solidly, powerfully built Azure, encouraging those writing to conjure images of the gear shift lever. On the top of the pen, an iconic black background rests with the heralded white ‘B’, slightly convex in layout to perfectly represent the Azure’s own start engine button. The Tibaldi for Bentley Azure boasts a new barrel shape apart from its other siblings and a special new clip designed by Page and Punter to make sure the pen is able to be smoothly pulled from a pocket for use. Additionally, the beautiful new spring-loaded clip design was also made to ensure it was even more durable. Just as much attention to detail was heeded to the breathtaking writing point of the Tibaldi for Bentley Azure, available in a two-tone solid 18K gold nib, delicately engraved with the Bentley logo on a Tibaldi backdrop. Finished in rhodium and ruthenium (sterling silver edition) or rose gold and ruthenium (rose gold edition), users have the option of selecting either an ink cartridge or filler converter. And as beautiful Bentley vehicles require a place of rest in a garage able to properly contain and frame its beauty, so too does the Tibaldi for Bentley Azure need a proper place of stowage to frame its elegance. Each Tibaldi for Bentley Azure is housed in a regale wooden box in symphony with the wood accents available in Bentley’s own vehicles. Additionally, each box is swathed in the same leather color to match in unison with the pen sleeve. In the grand Mulliner tradition at Bentley Motors, those interested in commissioning a Tibaldi for Bentley Azure pen can choose from a series preferred colors of leather, including Imperial Blue, Burnt Oak, Hot Spur, and Beluga. A limited 500 count of fountain pens and additional 500 roller ball pens will be available in solid sterling silver. A very special extremely limited edition 18K solid rose gold series will also be available with 50 fountain pen examples available and 50 roller ball pens. There will be two leather color options to choose from in the rose gold series, including Cognac or Beluga. As with all their discriminating writing instruments, Tibaldi fuses an old-world commitment to quality with the latest breakthrough technology to create writing instruments unlike any other. Often surpassing conventional methods of production, Tibaldi adopts the most rigorous standards of quality in their work. Tibaldi, S.p.A. Founded in 1916 with the introduction of the first Italian fountain pen, Tibaldi has been creating fine writing instruments for more than 90 years. Currently, Tibaldi pens hold two international patents that speak of their pursuit of excellence and innovation in design and quality. For more information, please visit www.tibaldi.it.

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